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Our Fulvic Acid + Trace Minerals concentrate is a highly bioavailable mineral blend designed to support detoxification by replenishing lost minerals, increasing nutrient absorption, and protecting our bodies from oxidative stress.

This complimentary detox product supports the cellular and digestive detoxification our other Life Source products aim to do. While this product may be taken alone, we recommend adding it to your detox protocol! 

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Organic Fulvic Acid, Unrefined Ancient Trace Minerals, Purified Water, Organic Citric Acid, and Organic Cinnamon Bark Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Kacie Rowe
Life Source is RIGHT!

I have been taking this for about a month, I missed maybe one day and it was noticeable!
Since starting this, a few days before deciding to start the detox, I feel like it is filling something in my body that has been missing. A little TMI, I have been constipated my whole life, and every day that I remember to take this (usually mid morning), I have been regular! The one day I missed it, I did not go #2. I feel like that is something! The taste is subtle, reminds me of unsweetened tea, I am pretty sensitive to taste, so that is saying something! I just mix it with a little glass of water, taking it straight. A great addition to my daily routine! Take a chance, it'll be worth it!

Victoria Hurley
Easy supplement to take and tastes great

I don’t like to swallow pills and anything complicated so this is the perfect addition to my routine just to my water or tea and it added a faint cinnamon taste very light easy and I feel a difference in my energy and overall health throughout the day! Added random bonus my skin seems to be glowing

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