meet nuvita

We are a woman-founded, woman-owned health and wellness company dedicated to fighting human trafficking and child exploitation. Since our beginning in 2019, we have been rooted in service. We believe in supporting survivors and spreading awareness and preventative measures through our company and beyond.

Advocacy is at the center of what we do: advocacy for the benefits of plant medicine and advocacy for survivors and victims of human trafficking. This is our “why;” this is why we are here.

At Nuvita, we are committed to clean, simple, and organic wellness products. Our CBD products are derived from 100% USA-grown hemp and all products undergo rigorous testing throughout the entire process to ensure we are selling only the best quality goods for you. If we won’t take it, we won’t sell it. We proudly run a USDA Certified Organic Facility and all our products are Certified Glyphosate Residual Free, organic, and gluten free, while most of our products are vegan.

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 Xx, The Nuvita Team