our enhanced affiliate program

the benefits


There is a place for everyone here at Nuvita. Whether you want to become an Affiliate or a Partner, share occasionally or full-time, we welcome all to share our products and mission.


We are strong believers in holistic health and wellness and are so glad you are too. When you become an Affiliate, we offer resources for you to learn and grow during your personal wellness journey.


With thousands of like-minded and passionate Affiliates, you are never alone! You’ll get immediate access to
tools, training, and private group forums to support your business and expand your Nuvita knowledge.


Nuvita’s mission is to fight human trafficking and child exploitation. Join us in supporting our mission as a percentage of every product sold is donated to a different charitable organization every month.

a path for all

Nuvita Affiliates come from all walks of life. Creatives, fitness instructors, gardeners, mom bloggers, and more. All come with different motivations, be personal development, starting a business, being part of a welcoming community, helping others, and furthering Nuvita's mission of fighting human trafficking and child exploitation.

Everyone starts their Nuvita journey as an Affiliate, promoting Nuvita’s best-in-class products to a loyal and ever-increasing customer base. Many remain Affiliates and enjoy the benefits of the Affiliate position.

For those who want more, they have the option to partner with Nuvita and participate in the growth of the company. As a Partner, you will be introduced to additional positions, benefits, and rewards so your business grows alongside ours.

how to join

Whether you intend to be an Affiliate or plan on becoming a Partner, you start your Nuvita journey by taking the following three simple steps:

step 1: enroll as an affiliate and purchase your affiliate kit

  • Choose a affiliate kit that best fits your needs. Every kit includes an online back office to manage your business and access training materials.

step 2: use our products and tell the world about your experience

  • Use the Nuvita products and experience the Nuvita difference
  • Share your experience and encourage others to purchase or join Nuvita
  • Share your unique Affiliate code and shoppable link
  • Every time someone makes a purchase using your code, you earn commissions

step 3: learn and grow

  • Check out our training tools available in your back office to further your knowledge about Nuvita
  • Attend live video calls with our founder and CEO, Amanda Fata (Welcome Wednesdays, Training Tuesdays)
  • Connect with the Nuvita community on Facebook and Instagram
  • Attend your Leader's team meetings

affiliate kits

build confidence and skills

As a Nuvita Affiliate, you will have ample opportunities to develop yourself as a person and as a business owner. Many of our Affiliates enjoy Nuvita for the self development benefits alone. From developing a more positive attitude, to gaining stronger willpower, to learning organization and personal skills, gaining confidence as a public speaker, becoming a better listener. Being a part of the Nuvita community will afford you many opportunities to acquire more self-confidence.

Nuvita also offers on-demand training videos from social media and social selling experts. You will also have access to product training videos helping you along your wellness journey.

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