CBN Infused Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Meet our coveted "Sleep Formula". Because of the stronger sedative effects of CBN, not only is it a great sleep aid but it also makes for a perfect natural pain reliever. This formula is also our most powerful anti-inflammatory.

Product Description:
- Full spectrum CBD oil infused with CBN isolate.
- CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD
- Organically Grown Hemp
- Non-GMO
- Suggested for night time use

Additional Ingredients:
- Organic Coconut Oil (MCT)

Lab Results:
Certificate of Analysis

Serving Information:
Start low and go slow. We recommend starting at the 0.25 mL line on your dropper. Some will work up to 1 full dropper per day as needed. Continued daily use is recommended to feel the blissful effects of CBD. Each person is different - take your time to find your sweet spot!

Warning! This product contains THC. Use may result in a positive drug test for marijuana. If you are subject to drug screening, you should not use or consume this product. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Phillips
A must have!

Absolutely love this product. I have Fibromyalgia, bed time is painful with cramps in my lefs and what feels like daggers digging in. I normally would toss and turn and wake multiple times. Using CBN has been life changing. Not only do I sleep soundly now, I fall asleep shortly after taking it and sleep the night. Waking up refreshed!! Restorative sleep is extra important for people with Fibro. My mental acquity in the morning is back to normal. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

CBN Review

I was surprised the first night I took the CBN. I am paralyzed and experience hard spasms and spasticity, mainly when I lie down to sleep. The CBN not only helped me to sleep better, but it decreased my spasms by at least 85%, helping my body relax and sleep deeper and longer without the interruptions of cramps in my hips and legs. I switched my nighttime routine from regular CBD (which I take every morning) to the CBN, and I am loving the results. Better sleep gives you a better day, both physically and mentally.

carmen reyes

I purchased CBN because I've been experiencing insomnia the last few months, CBN has helped me stay asleep longer so I have regained strength & the ability to get my daily activities once again. I only wished it would help to fall asleep earlier in the night.

Glenda Alvarez
Can’t live without it

I struggle to sleep throughout the night and have found this to be the ONLY thing that helps. 100% worth every penny. The nights I don’t take it I know I may not sleep well.


You need this, after a couple nights of using this I could already tell how much I loved it. I sleep throughout the night without waking up and it’s quality sleep.

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