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Did someone say dynamic duo?


Our Life Source detox bundle consists of our digestive detox drops and cellular detox spray. This is a natural and passive way to remove toxins and much more from your entire body. Life Source uses Clinoptilolite Zeolite, a negatively charged, cage-like structure, to bind and trap toxins before excreting them from your body. Our Digestive Detox targets the gut to rid your microbiome of any toxins that could cause systemic toxicity while strengthening the integrity of our gut. Our Cellular Detox is a propietary processed nanosized Clinoptilolite Zeolite formula that is able to enter the cells and rid them of any toxins. Once you start to remove toxins from your body you may experience increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, less brain fog, the passing of parasites, and so much more.

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Detox Bundle contains:

30mL Life Source Digestive Detox

60mL Life Source Cellular Detox

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Customer Reviews

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Eileen Haisch
Highly recommend

I was happy to see and feel results after only using this product for a few days. I’ve been looking for a good product that delivers the kind of results this one has. I will continue to use this product for myself and my family.

Jade Wurst
Detox Bundle

This duo is life changing!! I tried a similar product that is on the market for 4 months with zero results. 7 days on Life Source I saw parasites leave my body. My anxiety diminished, brain fog gone. Cycle symptoms diminished the bloating, cramping & hormones. Libido is coming back it was pretty nonexistent. So grateful for this product!

Kimberly Bell

Amazing product definitely works on detoxing and energy and mood booster. Great results and will definitely repurchase!!!

amazing product , & customer service

Love this detox 😍 I received it and one bottle was broken ,I contacted their company and sent pics of broken bottle..They sent me a whole new one that very day. I can tell huge difference after using this detox! Highly recommend!

Amazing! & so gentle

I’ve been using the detox duo since it launched. I’ve passed multiple parasites and am still passing them after 3 months of consistent use.

I’ve been making sure I’m staying hydrated daily and taking the Nuvita greens daily. And I’ve been adding raw pumpkin seeds in my diet whenever I can to help flush my system. I’m still getting intense sugar cravings but I’m trying to eat salty instead since parasites thrive with sugar.

Ive noticed I don’t have as much brain fog and for the first time in 3 years I’m actually losing some pounds.

I highly suggest trying the detox. We get exposed to so many nasties and I know with Nuvita & the lab reports these are products I can trust!

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