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Did someone say dynamic duo?


Our Life Source detox bundle consists of our digestive detox drops and cellular detox spray. This is a natural and passive way to remove toxins and much more from your entire body. Life Source uses Clinoptilolite Zeolite, a negatively charged, cage-like structure, to bind and trap toxins before excreting them from your body. Our Digestive Detox targets the gut to rid your microbiome of any toxins that could cause systemic toxicity while strengthening the integrity of our gut. Our Cellular Detox is a propietary processed nanosized Clinoptilolite Zeolite formula that is able to enter the cells and rid them of any toxins. Once you start to remove toxins from your body you may experience increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, less brain fog, the passing of parasites, and so much more.

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Detox Bundle contains:

30mL Life Source Digestive Detox

60mL Life Source Cellular Detox

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Self
This stuff is insane

I have been taking the Life Source duo for 7 days now. It is definitely a gentle cleanse because I feel completely normal and I’ve read some detox’s can make you feel not great. I have noticed a few headaches, metallic taste in my mouth and some small stomach cramping/bloat….but on day 7 (today) I passed a parasite clear as day. I’ve never passed anything like this before taking this product. I’m excited to see how I feel a month into taking this, and really hoping it helps clear up my acne that I can’t seem to get ahold of- which I have literally tried everything for!

Lindsey Miller
Truly the most GENTLE & PASSIVE daily detox around!

I started with the digestive detox drops for a few weeks, then added the cellular detox spray. I spent a few weeks increasing hydration, movement, my nutrition to ensure my pathways were ready to move out whatever this duo was going to work to exterminate from my body. I can't believe how regular my body is now compared to before using the products, how energized I feel and how strong my body is operating! If you want a gentle, affordable, quality detox system, THIS IS IT!

Ashley Ward
✨ feeling amazing

In just 3 days I noticed a difference in how I feel! So excited to continue the detox journey with NuVita. If you feel bloated or exhausted, don’t hesitate!!

Less bloat and way more energy

I feel incredible, I’m on day 14 of the digestive detox drops and day 2 of the cellular detox spray. Sugar cravings are gone and my energy levels are high. I feel great, I've had no side effects. I’ve seen interesting things in my poo. It’s simple and very effective!

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