Life Source by Nuvita

Life Source by Nuvita

Regardless of how conscious we are to live a clean lifestyle, we are being inundated with toxins every single day. Things like lead, mercury, mold, and micro-plastics accumulate in our bodies over time, leading to an increased toxic overload. When our body is polluted with such toxins, we cannot function optimally. It is essential to our health that we are constantly helping our bodies eliminate these toxins so we can live our best, most energized life.

That’s why we created Life Source by Nuvita; a passive, gentle, daily detox regime to remove toxins from your body and help you feel your best. Our detox line consists of our Digestive Detox drops and our Cellular Detox spray; best used when paired together for an entire body detox.

Our digestive detox formula is a colloidal suspension of Clinoptilolite zeolite that has a cage-like structure that collects, binds, and removes toxins from the gut. Our formula does so while also strengthening the integrity of the gut for improved digestion, reduced abdominal bloating, and a stronger immune system.

Our cellular detox formula is uses stabilizing technology to keep the Clinoptilolite zeolite in a nanosized liposomal formula for the life of the product. This means our formula has particle sizes small enough to penetrate the cell membrane and allow it to clean up positively charged toxins like heavy metals, micro-plastics, glyphosate, mold, and more. Upon removing these toxins from the cells, the body is able to properly bind essential minerals and nutrients.

When you consistently remove toxins from your body, you may experience increased energy, strengthened immunity, reduced inflammation, better digestion, less brain fog, clearer skin, the passing of parasites, and so much more. Check out our product information page to learn more about zeolite and our detox products!

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