Organic Pet CBD Oil

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Specifically formulated for your furry friends. This oil reduces anxiety caused by vet visits, car rides, fireworks... and other things that go bump in the night. The CBD oil helps with restlessness, irritability, and seizures. It is also a great anti-inflammatory for pets with chronic pain that need immediate relief.

Product Details:
Contains a full profile of Cannabidiol (CBD),Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), and Cannabichromene (CBC) with a range of naturally occurring terpenes

- USDA Certified Organic
CO2 Extracted
Non-GMO seeds
- Pesticide Free
- Mycotoxin Free
- Less than 0.3% THC

Additional Ingredients:
- Organic Hempseed Oil

Lab Results:
Certificate of Analysis

Serving Information:
Just like humans - each fur baby is different! That is why our serving chart shows the ML starting point for each different sized animal. When in doubt, start low and go slow. Continued daily use is recommended to feel the full effects of CBD.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucy Marmet
Amazing product

I am so thankful that I found this product. I have been using the CBD oil for my 15 year old chihuahua for about 3 months now. It has helped tremendously with his joint pain and anxiety. He actually looks forward to taking it. I recommend trying it for your pet, it is so much better than taking a pain medication which has awful side effects..

Sandy Hale
It helps

I’ve bought other pet cbd from other companies & this one from Nuvita has worked wonders for my 90lb lab mix. It took a couple of days to find a good dosage that didn’t make him sleep but I have found the right dosage for him and he stays calm, he still has some anxiety but I can see a huge difference in just the couple of weeks he has been taking this. Definitely recommend if your dog has anxiety & restless nights

Sonia Alicea
Best thing that has ever happened to my boy!

These CBD drops are the best thing that I've ever given my baby for his anxiety. He is 15yrs old and separation anxiety has taken a toll on his daily routine even so that I had to install cameras to make sure he was fine while I was at work. My baby was so bad that the moment I started getting dressed he used to start pacing and crying, but since I started him on the CBD drops for pets he is so much more relaxed and has better days. Thank you so much for this oil Nuvita, your products are so helpful.

Heather Crain
Perfect for my large dogs

I have been giving the CBD drops for pets to my dogs during thunderstorms and firework displays, but recently have been giving my fur teenager drops in his food for arthritis. His pain is lessened and even felt good enough to chase a squirrel a few days ago. I will always give this to all 5 of my dogs !!

Amy Wilcox

It has been working for my 14 yr old Labrador who has arthritis. He is not moving around like a young dog but he does seem to move easier. My vet suggested trying Labrella and I just wasn't to keen on that as the reviews for it has not been very convincing for me. The only complaint I have is that the dropper is hard to read, I wish they would use black to mark the measurements the brown ink tends to blend in with the oil and makes it very hard to read. But other than that I would recommend to anyone to give this a try. My dog has been taking this for 6 months and i will continue giving it to him for the rest of his life.

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