CBG Infused Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Say hello to the Rolls Royce of CBD. CBG is known as the "stem cell" of all cannabinoids, with less than 1% of CBG naturally occurring in cannabis plants. This formula is targeted towards your gut and skin health. CBG will be your #1 support team if you are suffering from IBS. This formula is also our go-to for pre and post-workout bliss as well as our daily brain booster. 

Product Description:
- A proprietary blend of our Full Spectrum CBD infused with CBG.
- CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD
- Organically Grown Hemp
- Non-GMO

Additional Ingredients:
- Organic Coconut Oil (MCT)

Lab Results:
Certificate of Analysis

Serving Information:
Start low and go slow. We recommend starting at the 0.25 mL line on your dropper. Some will work up to 1 full dropper per day as needed. Continued daily use is recommended to feel the blissful effects of CBD. Each person is different - take your time to find your sweet spot! 

Warning! This product contains THC. Use may result in a positive drug test for marijuana. If you are subject to drug screening, you should not use or consume this product. 

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle StClair
CBG Infused Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I take this every day! It has balanced my emotions from perimenopause and has been a life saver! Love it! Cannot recommend enough

Candace Ingels
Glad I found this!

This product has helped me with some fairly serious digestive issues by helping to calm my system. I also use it when I fly and I can definitely tell a difference in my stress levels! LOL I am very pleased with this and it will always be with me.

Martin Owen
Great results

I’ve used CBD oil in the recent past and found it effective for joint and muscle aches. I recently started again with CBD oil and the results are amazing. No more joint aches, muscle stiffness or difficulty moving around. Amazing product!

Energy, focus and gut help

I've taken CBG alone for some stomach issues and found relief from nausea and bloating discomfort.
I've also partnered this with a CBD gummy and have great focus for hours. Has really helped cut down racing intrusive thoughts. I also have more energy when I'm using my CBG.

Turbo booster to cbd

I love this product in addition to my CBD! I have adhd, depression, anxiety and when I pair this to my cbd it takes it up a notch and really targets my mental state! It actually lessens my intrusive thoughts, and helps with my focus and productivity. Since our gut is a source of probably issues including mental behaviors/ auto immune issues I feel so good knowing that I am taking CBG to target my gut health!

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