The Top 10 Best CBD Affiliate Programs

The Top 10 Best CBD Affiliate Programs

The terms affiliate marketing and affiliate programs have become quite popular in recent years, especially with the rise of the popularity of digital marketing, and no wonder! 

Affiliate programs are a great option for affiliates (businesses or influencers) to earn commission-based income for sending traffic or leads to the company they’ve made a deal with by promoting their products or services. This type of collaboration is a win-win for both the company and the affiliate - the more traffic and leads the company gets, the more money the affiliate earns.

As the CBD market expands and is expected to reach $4.79 billion by 2028, it seems like anyone who becomes an affiliate has a lot of room to grow when marketing a CBD company’s products. For that reason, we’ve provided you with a list of the best CBD affiliate programs that you can find on the market today, so keep on reading to learn which companies can help you earn extra income and incentives by promoting quality products.

Nuvita CBD

Our first CBD affiliate program on the list is Nuvita CBD which offers many perks to its affiliates. This program is unique as you can join directly through the company. They even have their own app you can use! If you’d like to join the community, fill out this form today to become an affiliate. Nuvita affiliates can earn up to 30% plus bonuses and be part of a community that produces certified organic CBD products grown and manufactured in the US.

However, this isn’t the only reason why this affiliate program may be the right one for you. In fact, Nuvita CBD is a women-owned company that donates to different charity organizations every month, their mission being to help human trafficking survivors. Nuvita CBD aims to build a community of motivated women who want to create a side hustle (or a main hustle) by becoming a Nuvita Brand Ambassador.

The Nuvita brand is committed to producing organic USA-grown hemp that is held to the highest standards on the CBD market and is third-party tested. Moreover, they’re a woman-owned and woman-led company that advocates for the hemp plant as well as the charities they support.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is another company on the CBD market that offers a wide range of CBD products, such as gummies, tinctures, pet products, soft gels, and many more. 

The Joy Organics affiliate program gives affiliates an opportunity to capitalize on the CBD market and obtain premium CBD products for their family and friends. Affiliates get 25% commission, which is paid out twice a month, and a lot of other bonuses, as well as an unlimited earning potential without the need of initial investment and a 60-day cookie period. 

The company also offers training on how to reach target clients, so you will not only benefit from the commission, but you’ll also get invaluable inside information on affiliate marketing if you’re just starting out. 

As an affiliate, you get access to ShareASale. The affiliate software uses third-party tracking, allowing affiliates to track sales and view commissions. Moreover, the experts that specialize in improving conversion rates advise you on ways you can implement techniques to increase your commission.

Diamond CBD

The Diamond CBD online shop sells a large number of CBD products, such as CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD topical creams, CBD drinks, CBD pet products, CBD personal care products, and many more, which gives you as an affiliate a wide variety of products to recommend to your followers, friends, and family.

If you’d like to become a CBD affiliate for Diamond CBD, you'll enjoy perks such as commission rates as high as 30% and 90-day cookie tracking periods. An additional benefit to becoming a Diamond CBD affiliate is the fact that a number of celebrities endorse the product, which ultimately makes it easier to convert traffic. Paired with the large selection of products and the easy-to-use platform, this is an excellent option for anyone who wants to start as an affiliate marketer in the CBD market. You can find a link to join on ShareASale.

Direct CBD (Martha Stewart’s CBD Brand)

Martha Stewart’s CBD products are sold through Direct CBD, a distribution partner for various types of wellness CBD products. On their website, you can find products such as tinctures, gummies, oils, chews, softgels, and many more. The site offers a wide selection of high-quality CBD products from which affiliates can make a commission rate as high as 10%. 

As an affiliate, you can help potential customers make an informed decision about their health and the products they use. The program offers a high conversion rate and a 45-day cookie duration which helps you make the most out of the affiliate program.

In terms of SEO, keep in mind that affiliates may not use the trademark name of Direct CBD, domain name, or variations of it when advertising the product, though they are encouraged to add generic words in the SEO content. Apart from SEO recommendations, you can also go through the detailed SEM policy by looking through their Program term before you make your decision. You can find more details on Affi about how you can join.


When talking about the CBD market, you can’t go without mentioning CBDMD. This brand offers an abundance of gluten-free, THC-free, non-GMO, and vegan CBD oils and other products for both people and pets in the form of capsules, oils, and various pet products, all of which are quite reasonably priced. CBDMD has even been endorsed by celebrities and athletes, which is another reason why affiliates earn more since the celebrities who endorse the brand increase the popularity of the products. 

By becoming an affiliate for this brand, you can get a commission rate starting from 20% and a 30-day cookie duration. Another benefit that the company provides is that it’s very transparent regarding the composition and testing of its products in an attempt to provide the customers with enough details to make an informed purchase. Together with the high brand value and the great opportunities in terms of commissions and perks, this affiliate program is a great option for health bloggers and you can sign up through FlexOffers.


CBDistillery, the CBD brand that has been around for years, is also known for its affiliate program. The brand offers a wide variety of CBD products ranging from tinctures, softgels, gummies, chocolate, powders, drinks, topicals, and even pet products. Their shop includes over 120 products and the perks that come from purchasing from CBDistillery include free shipping for orders over $75 where you get the products straight to your door in just 48 hours. 

If you choose to become part of their affiliate program, which is integrated on Impact and RevOffers, you can benefit from a commission rate in the range between 15%-35%, and a cookie duration of 90 days.

To become an affiliate, you need to apply on their website and wait for approval, or you can sign through Revoffers, after which you can proceed to market the brand via promo codes, SEO, digital marketing, and other methods. CBDistillery is generally targeting affiliates on platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, and Reddit. 

Cornbread Hemp

For a lot of users, the main appeal of this brand is that Cornbread Hemp advertises that they use only the flower part of the hemp plant, which means less is more when it comes to their products. Their crops are certified as USDA organic and are grown and produced in Kentucky using historical farming traditions. They sell full-spectrum CBD products and supplements such as gummies, tinctures, capsules, topicals, as well as CBD products for pets.

The appeal to becoming an affiliate for Cornbread Hemp is that you can get a commission rate starting from 15% and a 90-day cookie length, which ensures that you get credit for the sale for conversions that happen within that 90-day window, and you can sign up through Revoffers.

Charlotte's Web

One of the most popular brands on this list is definitely Charlotte's Web, the brand that “sells itself” due to its 140K followers on multiple platforms. The Colorado-based company offers multiple CBD products like topicals, oils, gummies, and other products, all of which have become popular for their benefits in treating certain neurological disorders, such as the eponymous cannabis strain, Charlotte’s Web, that was used by Charlotte Figi to manage the seizures caused by Dravet syndrome.

Affiliates can make commissions starting from 15% and higher, while the cookie period is 30 days. What’s interesting when it comes to this brand is that they have put a lot of thought into their website to maximize conversions, which is perfect if you’re planning to become an affiliate and hope to see more returns on the traffic sent to Charlotte's web website.

To become an affiliate, you need to go through an approval process which may take up to 5 business days and includes either submitting a traffic website with content or your social media platform. After approval, you can proceed to make money from the products that were purchased through your affiliation with Charlotte’s Web. Check their affiliate program out on Revoffers.

Bluebird Botanicals

This CBD trendsetter brand has a sustainable business practice, it offers a visionary mindset, and amazing products made from Colorado-grown hemp. This is a company that sells high-quality cannabis products with six times the number of cannabinoids compared to other brands. The quality of their products is confirmed through the third-party testing as well as the 2016 award for #1 Hemp CBD Company at the Cannabist Awards. Bluebird Botanicals also offers superior customer service and a tremendous opportunity for all those who want to become affiliates as this company is one of the original pioneers of the CBD industry, as well as a company that incorporates and anticipates future industry trends.

What makes Bluebird Botanicals different from other CBD companies is that they accept over 70 cryptocurrencies as payment, which establishes the company as one that embraces current and future trends. Furthermore, they offer a 20% discount if you do transactions with cryptocurrencies, which establishes the brand’s alignment with blockchain technology even further and you can sign up to be their affiliate through Revoffers.


The final brand on this list, Medterra, is just as interesting as the first on the list as it produces high-quality CBD products that adhere to the guidelines provided by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. All of their CBD products are third-party tested, so the customers get a guarantee on the quality and consistency of the products.

The affiliate program has a 20-day cookie duration, an average commission rate of about 15% as well as discounts on products and additional compensation opportunities, which makes it a great fit for potential brand ambassadors. Generally, you’d get a set commission percentage on sales that go through your discount codes or tracking links that you share with your followers, and while the participation is free, acceptance as a brand affiliate isn’t guaranteed. 

This opportunity is ideal for social influencers, brand fans, and bloggers who promote through their social media and blogs. You can choose to promote the brand through review sites, online publications, email marketing, display advertising, content marketing, and any other strategies that aim to target the ideal customers and this brand also works through Revoffers.

Top CBD Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate platforms are vendors that facilitate the affiliate program of multiple companies and brands in one place. They do the onboarding of affiliates, track their sales and clicks, as well as optimize site traffic, manage referrals and pay commissions to the affiliates. They can even reward affiliates for leads, getting downloads on an app and even getting free-trial users. Most of them are free to join, though the profit you make depends on how successful you are. 

The way that the platforms of the CBD companies operate is through affiliate platforms, and in the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the most popular ones.


This affiliate platform has been on the market since 2000 and throughout the years it has grown to almost 4,000 affiliate programs and over a million affiliates. Not only do ShareASale train new affiliates to maximize earning potential, but they also organize affiliate marketing classes so even newbies can get acquainted with how the market works.

Their payout schedule is every 20th of the month and they give payouts through wire transfers, checks, direct deposits, and Payoneer for payments over $50. When it comes to specific commission ranges, each program has its own that’s generally determined by the brand, and so are the cookies/tracking options.

Because this platform offers a great affiliate platform for CBD products, you can find a lot of top brands there.


Another platform that can increase your revenue by benefiting from affiliate tracking solutions is LeadDyno. The platform offers potential affiliate marketers a 30-day free trial and an option to get the affiliate program started in mere minutes. If you’d like to increase sales, get more referrals, and grow your affiliate program by engaging with your target audience as well as keeping them motivated to sell the product you’re promoting, you’ll definitely benefit from using this platform.

The reason why affiliates keep coming back to the platform is the dashboard that enables users to view all their leads, clicks, sales, and successful campaigns all in one place. Moreover, the integration with Paypal Mass Pay allows brands to bulk pay affiliates, but you can also use the Coinbase integration and pay the affiliates in cryptocurrencies. On top of that, the excellent customer service representatives who are available through email, scheduled phone calls, and live chat is something that both brands and affiliates can benefit from.

While commission ranges and cookie tracking options vary from brand to brand, automating the marketing and creating email marketing drip campaigns can engage both affiliates and brands. Since engagement is crucial and affiliates need it to promote the brand’s products, LeadDyno’s feature that enables affiliates access to a library that contains shareable content for brand promotion is one of its better features. 

Finally, LeadDyno can integrate with over 25 platforms for marketing, e-commerce, payment processors, and more, which also helps you efficiently track leads, clicks, and sales.


As an affiliate platform, Impact has worked with a lot of top-tier brands in the clothing, make-up, and other industries, and it has endorsed a number of CBD companies, too. As a platform, it focuses on a lot of popular CBD brands such as Peacock CBD, Healthworx CBD, Canzon, and many more.

Compared to other platforms, Impact has a lot of advanced tools for marketing, such as product catalogs and promo codes, but what’s most interesting is the subscription boxes and cannabis delivery services it provides. Apart from ShareASale, it brings together the most cannabis-friendly brands and the affiliates who want to market their products.


Another popular affiliate program that has high-converting offers is RevOffers. Built to bring together the most exciting brands and the influencers or affiliates which are knowledgeable and have a following related to that brand, RevOffers provides a bridge between both.

The way it benefits both affiliates and brands is by incorporating analytic tools that track clicks, impressions, payouts, and conversions. Furthermore, you also get reports on referrals, performance, and conversions, which is essentially why brands use affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s in your best interest to use the time you have to make very relatable content, and this is where the program has an advantage when related to others in the business. Since it gives you data and analytics to improve your performance, you can always be sure that you’ll find the best offers in the CBD business.

CannAffiliate Network

While this affiliate network caters to both CBD merchants and other cannabis products, it also allows affiliates to show their strengths and adjust their tools to a more basic form of linking. CannAffiliate is not just another generic affiliate platform because it offers a few more options for becoming an affiliate.

There are a few types of CBD affiliate programs, depending on whether you’re a publisher, an influencer, or a cannabis consumer. Each program includes creating an account on the platform first, and then you can share the affiliate links with your network. With the help of the CannAffiliate tracking ID, the site tracks all the clicks and purchases associated with your link so the payment can be associated with your CannAffiliate account. Based on the sales that your network makes through your links you get monthly payments. 

CBDAffs Affiliate Network

This affiliate network is focused specifically on CBD brands and offers a number of offers that can fit the needs of any aspiring CBD affiliate. The main perk of using CBDAffs is the fact that it’s the biggest affiliate network in the industry, which is why it provides the highest commission deals for the brands that it collaborates with.

CBDAffs also helps you reach your audience by optimizing traffic through using A/B testing, geo-targeting, and generating high ROI % EPC. They offer a 2 tier referral program which means you get additional revenue and a guaranteed cut of the earned revenue.

Final Thoughts on CBD Affiliate Programs

If you’ve been thinking about getting started with a CBD affiliate program, remember that there’s no time like the present. This fast-expanding market does not only allow marketers to find a source of extra income, but it even makes it possible for them to turn this side hustle into their main job.

Affiliate marketing enables influencers to use all their platforms to advertise products for well-established CBD brands and promote them to their specific audience. When advertising, you can choose your preferred method, whether it’s through web content, social media, or product integrations, and search for the brand that gives you the freedom to put your talents to good use.

When deciding which affiliate program to choose from, look through all the specific conditions each brand offers in terms of commission percentages and the length of cookie tracking. Also, have a think about your personal values to choose a brand you think fits your standards. 

In the end, even if you don’t choose the perfect option at first, the collaboration will eventually end, which gives you the opportunity to try out a new program.

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